19:17 GMT29 October 2020
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    The South African-born tech maverick has repeatedly weighed in on the issue of extraterrestrial civilisations and even claimed he himself used to belong to one. Last year, he co-signed a document warning against attempts to contact aliens.

    Social media users were left disappointed after Elon Musk questioned the fact of aliens visiting our planet. The entrepreneur made the statement on Twitter in response to a Fox News interview with President Donald Trump. During the conversation TV anchor Maria Bartiromo asked Trump to comment on the Pentagon's decision to create a UFO task force and whether here believes UFOs are real. Bartiromo posted a snippet of Trump's interview on Twitter and asked Musk to share his opinion on the matter

    ​Musk said there is "no evidence" that aliens have visited Earth and noted that despite most modern smartphones having high-resolution cameras there are no clear photos showing UFOs.

    ​The entrepreneur has since received a torrent of replies, with users expressing disappointment over his statement and claiming Musk is part of a cover-up.

    ​Many netizens reminded Musk about former Air Force pilot David Fravor, who had chased an enigmatic object in 2004. This April, the Pentagon released video of Fravor's encounter with the UFO and two other videos.

    ​Other users asked the tech maverick to comment on the object seen during the SpaceX launch earlier this year.

    ​Many netizens pointed out that quite a few scientists and government employees claim to have seen UFOS and stressed that it is unlikely that extraterrestrial civilisations would make their presence known by conventional means.

    ​There were users who agreed with Musk, saying the number of UFO videos has drastically declined after smartphones became equipped with high-resolution cameras.

    ​Some users even deemed that all UFOs are man-made…

    ​Still others joked that Musk did not want his cover blown.

    ​In 2016, Musk, known for his provocative remarks, which sometimes cause big problems for him and his companies, posted a statement saying he is not an alien, but that he "used to be one".

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