15:03 GMT29 October 2020
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    Branding the object spotted in the video as a UFO, the blogger estimated its size as about "30-40 meters across".

    Yet another intriguing discovery has been made by Scott C. Waring, a prolific blogger with a penchant for seeking out potentially UFO-related phenomena on Earth and beyond.

    Detailing his findings in his blog, Waring pointed to a video (whose veracity couldn't be immediately confirmed) featuring some kind of object above the Stromboli volcano in Sicily, with the blogger called a UFO.

    While the original video was apparently recorded back in January 2018, Waring, who came across it only recently, argued that he simply had to share this discovery with others because "the UFO was so cool".

    "The UFO is slightly blurry, as is the mountain surface itself. The UFO is not a bird, because a bird would be much closer and much more focused. This is far back", he wrote. "It's not a plane or helicopter because its size and location would put it in danger from the live volcano".

    Having estimated the object's size as "about 30-40 meters across", Waring also suggested that the location in question is a perfect spot for "an entrance to an underground base far below the ocean floor”.

    "This may be the same underground base linked to the historical three-decade alien contact case in Rocca Pia, Italy where locals said aliens came up from a city below the castle and chatted with them occasionally", Waring mused. "They also said the alien base underground extended far out into the ocean floor area. I believe this Stromboli volcano alien base entrance is connected to the Rocca Pia alien base".
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