10:06 GMT18 June 2021
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    The Amish people are known to be conservative Christians who champion simple living, plain dress, avoiding modern technology conveniences and typically refraining from engaging in politics.

    A photo of a woman with a sign that says "Amish for Trump", who also happens to be carrying a cell phone and a fashionable bag, made waves on social media.

    The photo caused many laughs among netizens, who suggested that the woman might not actually be a person qualified to speak for the Amish people, as they are known to avoid modern gadgets. 

    Users slammed the woman for not looking like a traditionalist Amish.

    ​Some offered to guess where the actual Amish people were, mocking the "resemblance".

    ​Others recalled different photos that showed even less similarity, with images of white people wearing T-shirts that say "Blacks for Trump". 

    ​The Amish people, who champion a simple lifestyle, generally without the use modern world conveniences, are not known to be politically active, but according to some experts in the field, vote "overwhelmingly Republican".


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