14:04 GMT31 October 2020
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    The enigmatic shape appeared to have vanished during the brief time when the camera man turned his attention to a different part of the night sky.

    A peculiar sight was recently spotted by onlookers over Miami, with prolific alien hunter Scott C. Waring arguing that it was a UFO.

    A short video (whose veracity couldn't be immediately confirmed), uploaded on YouTube by user “Travis Bell”, shows a strange pink-hued rectangular shape in the night sky above the city.

    "The moon is clear and round, but the UFO is rectangle shaped and pinkish", Waring wrote in his blog, narrating the contents of the video. "The person turns to look at the moon to show where it is in comparison to the UFO and you can hear the eyewitnesses screaming. The camera person moves back to the UFO but its too late, its gone".

    The strange shape, however, apparently vanished before the person recording the video managed to focus on it once again.

    "The eyewitnesses screamed out of confusion, fear and awe at what they had just seen", Waring added, commenting on the onlookers' reaction.

    It wasn't immediately clear exactly what that shape in the sky was, but the blogger seemed positive that it was a UFO.

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