01:54 GMT30 October 2020
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    The spectacle of Tuesday night's pre-election debate between US President Donald Trump and the Democratic Party’s nominee Joe Biden wouldn’t have been complete without a couple of compromising visual features emerging shortly afterwards.

    The first presidential debate, deemed by pundits as an overwhelmingly chaotic verbal exchange, is long over, but tiny details about the participants, their rhetoric, posture, and gestures continue to slip into social and other media.

    In particular, eagle-eyed netizens have noticed what looks like a peripheral IV catheter accidentally being revealed by Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden when he raised his hand during the 90-minute debate.

    The miniscule object on the former vice president’s wrist instantly landed in the spotlight, with Twitterians suggesting their own theories as to what purpose it could possibly have been served.

    ROFL smileys came in abundance as some took for granted that this is indeed a catheter.

    “Is Biden ridin' with a complicated catheter- colostomy bag combo or epic diaper?” one debate viewer asked.
    However, quite a few took aim at Trump supporters instead, accusing them of making biased allegations. But even they could hardly resist a hearty laugh.

    “Trumpies saying the rosary on Biden’s wrist was a catheter in his arm. I am crying, they literally don’t even know what a catheter is”, one wrote.

    “Isn’t someone gonna have to change Biden’s catheter soon?” another queried.

    With the first in-person showdown between the incumbent president and his Democratic opponent over, everybody’s attention is on the next two presidential debates, scheduled for 15 October in Florida and 22 October in Tennessee. The vice presidential candidates' only debate is slated for 7 October in Utah.

    Tuesday’s event has been increasingly deemed as a tense and tumultuous one, with both parties claiming victory. The moderator, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, landed in the two camps’ crosshairs, however: while Biden suggested Wallace couldn’t get him to interrupt “the clown” president, POTUS insisted he was facing off against two people - not only Biden, but also Wallace. The moderator, for his part, said he was surprised by the contentiousness of the first 2020 debate, but argued that the clash still offered viewers plenty of insights about the two candidates.

    Wallace shared that he initially rejoiced when Trump and Biden exchanged views on whether to put forward a Supreme Court nominee before the election. He believed the candidates could have had a productive exchange instead of "parallel press conferences", but admitted his hope was short-lived.

    The Commission on Presidential Debates has announced it will consider changes to the formats of the next two face-offs between Trump and Biden.

    “Last night’s debate made clear that additional structure should be added to the format of the remaining debates to ensure a more orderly discussion of the issues”, the commission said in a statement. “The CPD will be carefully considering the changes that it will adopt and will announce those measures shortly”.


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