20:06 GMT26 October 2020
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    Amateur astronomers claimed that the bizarre sighting could somehow be linked to the northern lights that were seen over England on Sunday night; others, however, have contended that the bizarre lines had nothing to do with the natural phenomenon, instead pointing at aliens and the military.

    Residents of Yorkshire County in England were left baffled after mysterious parallel lines appeared in the sky on 27 September. Photos posted online show three rows of white lines, which users said looked like they had been drawn by someone.

    ​Shortly after images of the sighting were posted online, residents of other English counties and cities reported that they too had seen the bizarre lines.

    ​Some users believed that the lines were simply trails left by passenger planes or fighter jets.

    ​Others, however, insisted that the sight was the work of aliens.

    ​Still others pointed the finger at one sportswear manufacturer…

    ​Later, meteorologist Jon Mitchell tweeted that three Aer Lingus planes were flying from Germany to the Republic of Ireland, which is located close to the United Kingdom.

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