11:52 GMT27 September 2020
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    Joe Biden’s acceptance of the Democratic Party’s nomination for the 2020 presidential election was meant to be the highlight of the final day of the Democratic National Convention, but it looks like a tiny insect received no less attention from netizens than other prominent speakers at the end of the DNC.

    The speech of former presidential wannabe and ex-Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg was supposed to bolster support for Joe Biden on the final day of the DNC and tarnish it for his opponent, Donald Trump. But not everything went so smoothly, as many viewers were distracted by a fly that persistently tried to land on the former mayor's face throughout his speech.

    While Bloomberg seemingly ignored the pesky insect, netizens were quick to flood Twitter to ridicule the situation rather than discuss the political message that he delivered on the major Democratic stage. Actually, many found the "show" that the fly made on national TV far more exciting than what Bloomberg was saying about Trump.

    Several netizens alleged that the fly's attempts to land on the politician's face were the most interesting part of the entire final day of the Democratic National Convention.

    Twitterians wondered whether the "Internet" would turn the annoying bug into another meme or create an entire Twitter account for the sake of poking fun at Bloomberg.

    And the internet delivered…

    Many users on the social media platform tried to find a deeper meaning in the fly's obsessive interest in Bloomberg's face, although their elaborations didn't go further than trivial parallels with a stereotypical object of the insect's obsession.

    During his speech, which some netizens apparently were still listening to, Bloomberg dug into one of Trump's main perceived strong points – that he is able to translate his success in business into economic growth for the country as president. The former New York mayor noted that Trump had driven his businesses to bankruptcy on six occasions, doubting that POTUS has business acumen.

    Bloomberg himself withdrew his candidacy early on in the Democratic primaries. He managed to win only 59 delegates out of nearly 4,000 before dropping out shortly after Super Tuesday, despite spending a fortune of over $1 billion on his campaign. Back then, POTUS ridiculed Bloomberg after he announced his exit from the race, saying that his political strategists had taken him "for a ride". 


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