18:46 GMT26 September 2020
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    Posting the images of what appear to be tooth fragments that belonged to Hitler and his wife Eva Braun, Peskova mused that there are still some “pseudohistorians” out there who dispute the Nazi leader's death.

    Elizaveta Peskova, daughter of Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peksov has recently made a peculiar reveal on her Instagram page that might deal a serious blow to outlandish conspiracy theories claiming that the infamous Nazi German leader Adolf Hitler did not meet his end in Berlin in 1945.

    In her post, Elizaveta mentioned how some “pseudohistorians” continue to dispute Hitler's death 75 years ago, and explained how, seeking to clear up this matter, her colleague and friend Pierre Malinowski was admitted to FSB archives to witness the artefacts related to Hitler's demise.

    The post also contains a number of photos featuring, among other things, what appears to be fragments of teeth that apparently belonged to Hitler and his wife Eva Braun, recovered by the Soviets after the couple's suicide.

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    Публикация от Elizaveta Dmitrievna (@lisa_peskova)

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