00:36 GMT21 September 2020
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    Earlier, the US President’s son Eric Trump shared online a video of the late comedy legend Robin Williams poking fun at former Vice President and current Democratic presidential hopeful, the gaffe-prone Joe Biden during a stand-up show in 2009.

    An unimpressed Zelda Williams went on Twitter on 8 August to rebuke US President Donald Trump’s second son for posting online one of her late father, Robin Williams’ old comedy clips, in which he mocks former vice president Joe Biden, who is currently the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee in the November 2020 election.

    The actor’s daughter fired back, suggesting Eric Trump check out other videos of her Father, where he had some things to say about the current White House incumbent.

    ​Earlier, Eric Trump, 36, shared a video of Williams, who died in 2014, poking fun at Barack Obama’s former Vice President during a stand-up show in 2009.

    The clip, retweeted with the headline “Robin Williams Just Savages Joe Biden”, shows the comedian saying:

    “We still have great comedy out there, there’s always rambling Joe Biden, what the f***… Joe says s*** that even people with Tourette's go: “No. What is going on?””.

    Williams also said that Biden was “like your uncle who is on a new drug but hasn't got the dosage right”.

    After Zelda Williams had fired her Twitter salvo at Eric Trump, many social media users started reposting the video clip taken from a show in Atlantic City, New Jersey, in 2012, where Robin Williams went after then-business mogul Donald Trump, slamming him as “a scary man” and “the Wizard of Oz” because “he plays monopoly with real f***ing buildings”.

    “This is a man who said “My daughter is hot.” Even people in Arkansas went “that’s f*cking wrong, that’s just way out of place,”” Robins says in the clip.

    ​Many netizens shared the indignation expressed by the iconic actor’s daughter over her father’s memory and legacy being “dragged” into the campaign fray.

    ​Some netizens disapproved of Zeld Williams using a video clip of her Father mocking Trump as a retaliatory move.

    ​Others offered the late actor’s daughter their unconditional support.


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