00:50 GMT29 September 2020
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    US President Trump has made some high-profile spelling mistakes in the past, including the one where he wrongly spelled the name of his third wife and current first lady Melania. But at times, his verbal lapses have been even more eye-catching.

    Donald Trump set social media on fire after mispronouncing the name of Thailand during his Thursday speech at Clyde’s factory in Ohio. In the president’s interpretation, the Southeast Asian kingdom suddenly became “Thigh-land”. But it’s not the first time the president has made such an original slip of tongue – It's not even the first time he's been tripped up in trying to name a foreign country. Here is the list of the US president’s most prominent mispronunciations:

    1. Mysterious "Nambia": Speaking to African leaders during a United Nations’ event back in September 2017, Donald Trump described an “increasingly self-sufficient” health system of some cryptic “Nambia”, a country that does not actually exist on maps. POTUS could have been referring either to Namibia or Zambia, or a mystical land between the borders of the two, many speculated at that time.
    2. Tanzania Turns "Tanzaynia": It was still clearer what Trump actually meant when it came to another African country, Tanzania, which presidential candidate Trump discussed back in April 2016. But future POTUS started a new spelling trend back then, calling the East African state Tan-zay-nia, which earned him a lot of laughs across the internet.
    3. "Beyoncey Said the Other Night”: American pop-star Beyoncé could have been offended not only by Trump’s presidential campaign promises, which she criticised in 2016, but also by his lack of awareness about how to say her name correctly. Speaking to his supporters during a North Carolina rally in July 2016, Trump called out the hit singer of ‘Halo’ and her husband Jay Z for supporting Hillary Clinton. However, he messed up a bit when it came to the star’s name, calling her "Beyoncey" instead.
    4. "Evirgency" Needed: Some terms and names are just difficult, it is true. But when Donald Trump mispronounced the word “emergency” during a White House briefing on coronavirus back in March, it raised a lot of questions among social media users.
    5. Puerto Rico What? Not really a mispronunciation, but rather a really unpleasant slur, was once noticed during one of Trump’s speeches in which he called the US territory Puerto Rico “Poooerto Rico".
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