22:04 GMT12 August 2020
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    Amid nationwide protests in the US against racism and police brutality, police officers have become targets for criticism and even attack, but this time the definition of "police officer" proposed by Siri and subsequently denounced by House Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy appeared to not be what he condemned.

    The Republican leader in the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, on Thursday saw a "big tech bias" in Siri's definition of "police officer", after noticing that the Apple voice assistant offers the option when asked to define "a demon".

    The McCarthy critique comes amid a fresh wave of allegations from GOP members against social media corporations, in particular Apple and Google, that the tech companies lean toward the agenda of the left wing of American politics, with US President Donald Trump accusing "big tech" of being controlled by "the Radical left".

    In this particular case, McCarthy apparently decided that amid the ongoing anti-police-brutality protests, Apple's Siri had joined the ranks of the so-called 'radical left', and was criticising police throughout the country.

    The House Minority leader named Siri's definition "disgusting" and demanded that Apple "answer for why they're instigating this kind of hate in America". After he "exposed" the so-called "big tech bias", McCarthy urged his supporters to "go ahead and try it", which they did, quickly discovering that things were not as black and white as the GOP lawmaker made them out to be.

    ​Twitterati cited several dictionaries which implied that "demon" was a slang word for police officers and detectives in Australia.

    ​Users accused McCarthy of being America-centric and reluctant to take into consideration other forms of English language used throughout the globe.

    ​Sadly, McCarthy and all other Trump sycophants, there is no world outside the United States. They are too simple-minded to consider the American version of English doesn’t have the same slang as non-American English-speaking countries. I bet they think America invented English.

    ​Others blamed the Republican for paying attention to non-essential issues, referring to larger problems like the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, hunger and lack of housing in the US.


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