22:21 GMT13 May 2021
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    Call it a naughty snake or a sneaky reptile, a cobra gave the shock of a lifetime to a man who had to stand still for hours before he was freed from the venomous snake.

    A terrifying moment was captured on camera when a snake catcher tried to rescue Lovekesh Kumar after a cobra entered his pants.

    Kumar from Uttar Pradesh’s Mirzapur was sleeping when a venomous snake slithered into his pants. Struck by horror, the man stood straight for four hours holding a pillar, reported the Hindi daily Hindustan.

    A local snake catcher was alerted and arrived in the morning, freeing both the snake and Kumar, by cutting open his trousers.

    ​This is not the first time a snake has slithered into a man's pants. In February 2020, a snake emerged from the pants of a man who had been knocked unconscious after falling into a well in Uttar Pradesh.


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