09:36 GMT22 January 2021
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    It’s not that uncommon for sports fans to want a memorable souvenir from their heroes, including signed t-shorts or jerseys. But when it comes to deeply personal items, such as socks or underwear.. well, there might just be some other rationale behind the move.

    “Who needs #OnlyFans when you have dirty socks”, said Australian boxing star Ebanie Bridges as she revealed on her Twitter account that she was just paid £500 (around $630) by a British fan to send her “dirty training socks” to the UK.

    ​And according to the stunner, who goes by the Blonde Bomber nickname, it was not the only pricey offer in relation to her feet that she's been made, especially by her fans from Britain, who she said were “the best”. Some were particularly eager to get her stockings in the most “smelly” condition possible. Others were simply satisfied with photos of her feet, according to screenshots of the messages the boxer shared on her Twitter account.

    ​As a wave of comments followed her post, Bridges and her fans started pondering about other items she could potentially sell off to earn some cash during the coronavirus pandemic.

    Bridges, who is also a math teacher, recently said on her Instagram that she could not wait “to crack skulls again” after the coronavirus restrictions are over as she was “feeling stronger and more rounded as a boxer than ever before”.

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