11:56 GMT15 August 2020
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    A strange animal mutilation case has come up in the Yorkshire town of Todmorden, which residents believe has a freaky alien angle to it. Todmorden – which is German for “death-murder” is regarded as the extraterrestrial capital of Britain, where UFO sightings are more frequent than anywhere else in the country.

    Recently, Todmorden resident Albert Tyas was on a walk, when he discovered a peculiarly mutilated dead body of a calf whose ears, lips and genitals seemed to have been precisely removed.

    The “neatness” of the mutilation triggered suspicion that aliens could have been responsible. A UFO was seen hovering over the area just a couple of weeks ago, the media reported.

    Tyas reportedly approached British paranormal investigator Deborah Hatswell with pictures to get her opinion on the incident. Hatswell later pointed out to the media that the cuts on the calf’s body were clean, showing no signs of a conflict or chase with other animals.

    Previously, Hatswell recorded the bizarre case of a retired local cop, Alan Godfrey, who claims to have been kidnapped by aliens 40 years ago.

    The existence of alien species inhabiting other galaxies in space has always intrigued humans. UFOs are sighted across the world, but nobody has a concrete explanation for them.

    Earlier in April, The US Navy officially released three videos of unidentified flying objects previously made available by 'To the Stars Academy', thus confirming their authenticity.

    The Pentagon made the decision to release the videos because they do not reveal any sensitive capabilities of US surveillance systems or impinge on any subsequent military air space incursions.



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