22:39 GMT26 September 2020
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    In the presidential race, every vote can be decisive, so contestants must try really hard to identify their electorate and please it. But sometimes you don't have to look that far. How about the most adorable electorate ever - doggos? Who's a good voter?

    The Lincoln Project, a Republican political action committee notorious for its pointed criticism of US President Donald Trump, launched a hashtag #Dogs4Biden, which immediately topped world trends on Twitter and introduced some fresh "electorate" for Democratic presumptive nominee Joe Biden.

    Despite the new "voters" flocking to Twitter threads, one would question how and why this happened - what's up with the dogs and how come they will all necessarily vote for Biden? Chip Franklin, an American talk show host, took part in a #Dogs4Biden flashmob and offered a theory explaining that - it turns out that Trump is not a pet person, and every time he mentions a dog, it is "to put people down". 

    Despite we might never know the true reason behind dogs' voting preferences, netizens shared pics of their pets with a hashtag, where a wide range of adorable good boys appear to stand with Joe Biden.

    ​​Some users went further to make agitation posters and slogans. Yes, with dogs.

    ​In this world of dog politics, it is surprising that someone remembers that dogs, actually, cannot vote.

    However, if you thought this could not go any further, you were wrong, as Twitter proudly introduced "Democats 2020".

    The US presidential election is scheduled for 3 November, and will involve human voters, despite the wave of a fresh animal electorate. The presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, will face incumbent President Donald Trump in the race for the Oval Office.


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