09:35 GMT18 June 2021
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    While some netizens pondered on what kind of creature might be depicted in the video, others argued that it's merely a toy.

    A TikTok user 'stinkyeyescrappy' has apparently managed to spark quite a discussion online after sharing an intriguing clip on their account.

    The video, whose veracity couldn't be immediately confirmed, depicts a shape somewhat resembling a lizard of some kind, sitting still on a stone.

    "Hopefully someone can help me figure out what this little creature is", the author of the video wrote in the caption.

    ​As the Daily Star notes, the audience proceeded to bring forth a variety of hypotheses, ranging from a lizard-like animal to entities from the movies to a "slender man of lizard".

    "Is this for real? I'm back from Google and I didn't get an answer," one user remarked.

    The video's author later reportedly claimed that they spotted this sight in Boulder City in Nevada.

    Some netizens, however, argued that the “creature” in the vid is merely a toy, with one of them saying they're "pretty sure it's the old, dried, and sun-baked version of those toy sticky plastic lizards that you throw at the wall!"

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