15:43 GMT04 August 2020
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    Clarkson also criticized previous leaders of the Labour Party, arguing that "no-one in their right mind could vote for Corbyn" and that Tony Blair going "into war" was "idiotic".

    Former-Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson, who, as HuffPost points out, has voted Tory most of his life, recently announced that he might consider voting for Keir Starmer's Labour Party.

    During a recent interview on Times Radio, Clarkson made some rather unflattering remarks about UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whom he described as a "talking teddy bear".

    "When Boris was ill and they just kept wheeling those absolute wet ne’er-do-wells into the press conference every day,  and I thought ‘for heaven’s sake if this really is the best they can do without the talking teddy bear at the top", he said. "And now the talking teddy bear’s back and he’s just quoting really obscure Greek mythology now when he’s trying to talk about oxes treading on people’s tongues and I think, what are you doing?".

    ​Clarkson also explained that he "wouldn't naturally vote conservative", arguing that "no-one in their right mind could vote for Corbyn" and that "Blair certainly had his moments of seeming quite sensible and then went into war and that was idiotic".

    But when he was asked if there ever was an election where he considered, “even for a millisecond”, that he might vote Labour, Clarkson responded: “If there’s an election tomorrow, there’s an example”.

    "Keir Starmer - I appreciate there’s no love lost between newspapers and Keir and so on and he’s made a few mistakes and I don’t like his hair - it seems to be a single entity, it’s just one molecule, his hair, which is odd", Clarkson said. "But I don’t like Boris’s hair either so let’s not judge them on their hair."

    The journalist's remarks elicited a somewhat mixed reaction online, as while some social media users proceeded to bash him, others argued that he may have a point.

    And according to the Independent, Keir Starmer has "welcomed an endorsement of the Labour party from Jeremy Clarkson", saying it's a "sign" that people have noticed the party has "changed".

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