15:03 GMT09 May 2021
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    On Monday, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab unveiled new sanctions against 47 individuals and 2 entities from Russia, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar and North Korea under the UK’s Magnitsky amendment legislation. Under the restrictions, persons targeted will not be allowed to visit the UK, buy property, or use the country’s banking system.

    Foreign Secretary Raab’s announcement Monday of a new “sanctions regime that will target people who have committed the gravest human rights violations” has resulted in a backlash on his Twitter page, with users accusing the minister of hypocrisy and urging him to add officials from the Johnson government to the list, citing a variety of grievances.

    Some users sarcastically “agreed” with Raab, quipping that “a sanctions regime should certainly be imposed on anyone responsible for 65,000+ deaths, without exception,” in reference to the Johnson government’s controversial handling of the coronavirus crisis.

    Others chimed in with similar sentiments, suggesting it would only be a matter of time before the government could be arrested for a range of 'violations of basic human rights' of its own.

    “Will you target your gov’t for its conduct toward [Julian] Assange and the Windrush descendants?” one user asked, referring to the imprisoned whistleblower and the 2018 political scandal concerning Britons wrongly detained and deported from the UK or otherwise abused by authorities.

    Another suggested it might be better to stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia before sanctioning them.

    Others took note of the foreign secretary’s “Global Britain” language, lamenting that “Global Britain has turned into Little England” and suggesting that the country has “become the laughing stock of the World.”

    Some users took the announcement in stride, letting their imaginations run wild and suggesting everyone from US President Donald Trump to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and countries ranging from the US and Israel to China, Pakistan, Qatar, and Iran be added to the sanctions list for one reason or another.

    Finally, one user dug up an old campaign video in which Raab appears to say that he doesn’t support the Human Rights Act, or believe in economic and social rights, quipping that they couldn’t “think of anyone better” to roll out London’s new “human rights abuse” sanctions.


    London Slaps Sanctions on Russians, Saudis, North Koreans Over Alleged 'Human Rights Abuses'
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