10:36 GMT05 July 2020
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    Terry Crews, actor and former NFL player, tweeted a call for equality and expressed his hope that the Black Lives Matter movement does not turn into what he described as "Black Lives Better".

    A Terry Crews tweet in which he called for equality for "every race, creed and ideology", noted that every "Child of God" is "his brother and sister", caused waves on Twitter, dividing users. 

    Crews received strong backlash over his tweet, despite a large group of netizens voicing support for his assertion that "we must ensure #blacklivesmatter doesn’t morph into #blacklivesbetter". Some argued, however, that a "black lives better" ideology might fit better after "400 years of building this country through blood, sweat, and tears". 

    ​However peaceful his tweet, some users reacted with aggression, insulting Crews and saying that "white people can have you", arguing that he "loves doing their work for them". 

    Some lashed out at Crews for expressing an opinion, telling him that he would be better off remaining silent, while labeling him "an enemy of the people".

    ​Many users stood with Crews, however, noting that the tweet delivered a message of the importance of equality, and denouncing those who sought to prevent Crews from voicing his opinion.

    Crews was also praised for trying to be objective and find adequacy despite people's "righteous anger".

    ​People called on those apparently triggered by Crews' comment to remind them that the Black Lives Matter movement is not a cult.

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