03:06 GMT09 July 2020
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    It appears that users have taken issue with the 2016 Democratic candidate’s pointed criticism of her rival, Senator Bernie Sanders, and his supporters. She has described Sanders’s job as “baloney” and insisted he had got “nothing done” during his decades-long stint in Congress.

    People have been taking to Twitter en masse to tell Hillary Clinton to button it.

    #STFUHillary was the second most trending US hashtag on the platform – rivalled only by #UFC250 – on Sunday morning.

    It appears that the trend took off after some self-described Bernie Sanders supporters came by a Friday tweet by the Los Angeles Times, which brought up Clinton’s past scathing comments about the Vermont senator.

    In Hulu’s docuseries ‘Hillary’, which premiered in January, the former secretary of state criticised Sanders as a “career politician”, claiming that “nobody likes” him and that he “got nothing done” during his years in Congress.

    The comments sparked a controversy, given that Sanders was a front-runner in the presidential race at the time, but Clinton stood by them.

    She told in an interview to the LA Times that Sanders supporters were being “relentless” and “ruthless” toward her and her camp four years ago, and accused the senator of turning a blind eye to their aggression.

    Given Hillary’s own patchy record with the DNC – including a virtual takeover of the committee ahead of the 2016 election and her getting town hall topics in advance of debates – many Twitter users erupted in anger yet again.

    Some Clinton fans, however, blamed the new usettling Twitter trend on Bernie bros.

    Clinton has largely remained on the sidelines of this year’s election cycle and is yet to issue an endorsement despite Joe Biden having all but secured the Democratic nomination.

    The former First Lady is currently involved in a legal fight with conservative watchdog Judicial Watch, who are seeking to have her testify in person about her use of a private server for official business as Secretary of State, a scandal that dogged her 2016 campaign. Clinton this week lost an appeal and was ordered to testify in September.

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