19:34 GMT18 June 2021
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    Riots Sweep US After Black Man Dies During Police Arrest (129)

    Candace Owens, an African American woman, is notorious for her pro-Trump activism and her criticism of the of the Democratic Party and the Black Lives Matter anti-racism movement. Last year she attempted to launch a ‘Blexit’ campaign to encourage black Americans to leave the Democratic Party and become Republicans.

    US President Trump retweeted a video in which a Conservative activist, Candace Owens, 31, questions George Floyd’s character. Floyd is the African American man who died in police custody at the hands of white officers last month, sparking national protests and riots against police brutality and racism.

    In a radio interview with conservative commentator and former Fox News host Glenn Beck, Owens said; “The fact that [Floyd] has been held up as a martyr sickens me."

    “George Floyd was not a good person," Owens said, adding, "I don’t care who wants to spin that. I don’t care how CNN wants to make you think that he had just turned his life around.”

    After pointing out that Floyd had done five stints in jail, Owens remarked, “Was he really going to turn things around? It’s just not true.”

    ​Floyd, a black man, died in Minneapolis last month after a white police officer knelt on his neck for more than eight minutes as the victim repeated, “I can’t breathe”. Floyd’s death sparked widespread protests demanding an end to police brutality and racial injustice across all 50 US states and most major US cities, as well as internationally.

    Tweeting the interview, Beck stated; “I don't care WHAT George Floyd did. The officer should have never treated him like that and killed him! But we still must ask: Is he a HERO?”

    Trump retweeted the video without comment late on Friday just after stating that he hoped Floyd is “looking down right now” and “saying this is a great day” while announcing a decline in the nation's overwhelming unemployment rate.

    One user wrote that they were sickened that the president would retweet something so offensive.

    NFL writer Ron Clements said this just shows how “disingenuous” Trump’s previous positive comments about Floyd were.

    Fox News contributor Lawrence B. Jones criticised the interview, saying suggesting that black America wants nothing to do with right wing politics.

    ​One user mocked Trump’s Friday speech and POTUS's reference to the dead man in the service of economic data.

    ​Another user accused the president of encouraging Americans to be racist.

    ​One expressed disappointment in Trump for his retweeting of the now-notorious video.

    Riots Sweep US After Black Man Dies During Police Arrest (129)


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