11:36 GMT27 September 2020
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    Famous American football quarterback Tom Brady has recently tried himself in golf, but sometimes you just have to stick to something that you are good at - for example, winning Super Bowls.

    Twitter users, some celebrities among them, are tickled by a video of famous quarterback Tom Brady "nailing it" on the golf course. In a video from Capital One's The Match that immediately went viral Brady managed to get a birdie, but destroyed the course by ripping off the grass coating with his golf club.

    The performance ignited Twitter, making almost every netizen appreciating the "sport moment of the year".

    ​Even Jimmy Fallon, host of The Tonight Show, pitched in, tweeting about Brady's golfing prowess.

    ​His response caused another wave of laughter among the netizens.

    ​Some users tried to appreciate at least some kind of "sport moments" that they receive during the coronavirus pandemic.

    ​Like someone said, you can't be a champion at everything.

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