18:49 GMT16 January 2021
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    While the person who originally uploaded the video didn't appear to suggest that it features some extraterrestrial phenomena, Scott Waring alleged that it might depict an instance of an "alien visitation".

    Conspiracy theorist and UFO hunting enthusiast Scott C. Waring recently stumbled upon a peculiar incident which he touts as a potential alien encounter.

    A video (whose veracity couldn't be immediately confirmed) uploaded on YouTube by user "Charlene Cox", titled "Video Security camera at the back door of the farm house", shows some unclear shape which quickly scurries (or perhaps flies) away along the edge of the frame.

    But while the original uploader simply wrote "ghost; angel; spirit" in the video's description, Waring suggested that it is "actual raw footage" of an instance of "alien visitation on farms and ranches".

    "I am wondering...is this footage of the alien leaving happen after it abducted a member of her family or not?" the conspiracy theorist mused. "Most abductees do not remember the events because their memory is erased. This may be the case here. Lost time can't be noted since they were sleeping and would not be aware of time passage."

    One person who commented on the video, however, has brought forth a much more mundane explanation, venturing a guess that the entity in the video could be "a frog".

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