00:34 GMT01 June 2020
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    The conspiracy theorist suggested that the alleged alien item he spotted seems small enough to be picked up by some kind of a "special SpaceX rover".

    It seems that intrepid conspiracy theorist Scott C. Waring has discovered a use for a certain object seen in one of NASA's photos of the Martian surface, which he believes to be some kind of alien artefact.

    Pointing at the object in question, which he described as an "alien gun", Waring wondered aloud whether SpaceX founder Elon Musk would be able to secure said object and transport it to Earth.

    Mars  surface
    © NASA .
    Mars surface
    "Just imagine what kind of leap forward Elon Musk would take us if he managed to retrieve this hand gun from Mars", the conspiracy theorist wrote in his blog. "He would probably learn a lot from the alien tech and maybe put some of that into his incredible inventions. By retrieving the gun, Elon Musk would not take America years into the future, but millenniums".

    Waring further claimed that since the object appears to be fairly small, it might be possible to retrieve it via a "special SpaceX rover", though he didn't mention how the rover could then be sent on a return trip to our planet.

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