05:51 GMT22 June 2021
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    If you are a fan of dystopian fiction, then you may never want to go back outside once you see the robot watchdog in Singapore that looks exactly like the dog robots from Black Mirror.

    Twitter users noticed the brand new tech introduced in Singapore to encourage people to practice social distancing amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. The implementation of lovely robots urging people to stay away from each other would cause nothing but joy from how progressive the humanity is, if it were not for its frightful similarity to those from Black Mirror. What are they going to do with those who do not obey? 

    "Have they not seen Black Mirror?", the netizens questioned.

    ​Some users were terrified, remembering "the scariest episode" of Black Mirror, where alike-robots hunted people down and shot them with shrapnel that penetrates the skin. Others started preparing for the artificial intelligence revolution. By the way, their name is Spot (it seems like we better remember it).

    ​Some suggested a friendlier version of a robodog that does not remind the awful watchdogs from the famous Netflix dystopia.

    Black Mirror is a famous dystopian TV show from Netflix, and the similar robodogs appeared in the post-apocalyptic black and white episode "Metalhead" - the shortest in the series. The episode ponders the possibility of AI control over humanity, as does the entire show. 


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