04:00 GMT28 September 2020
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    As the masks creator herself has explained, if people can make out the penises depicted on her masks, that means that they are too close for comfort.

    As people around the world now have to practice social distancing in order to lower the risk of transmission of the new coronavirus that is ravaging the planet, one enterprising lady from the United States has apparently come up with a rather creative method aimed at promoting this particular measure.

    Mindy Vincent, social worker and executive director of a non-profit organization called Utah Harm Reduction Services, has recently unveiled her creation – a facial mask covered with numerous tiny depictions of male sexual organs of varying shapes and sizes.

    ​"When someone tells me my mask has penises on it, I will kindly let them know this is how I determine they are too close, kindly back the fuck up", a post on a Twitter account attributed to her states, explaining how this scheme of hers actually works.

    Mindy also warned the public against "fraudulent people" who apparently try and direct others to a "fake website" to buy the masks.

    ​And a bit later, she announced that, in response to apparent public demand, they introduced some "boobs and vaginas" into the design.

    ​"Together we can #cockblockcorona and #twatswatcorona! We love you guys so much and thank you for supporting our cause!" she declared.

    Quite a few social media users seemed both pleased and amused by this stunt, expressing interest in purchasing the masks and cracking good-natured jokes about them.

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