16:41 GMT28 May 2020
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    While much of the world population is self-isolating to sit out the coronavirus pandemic, politicians and other high-profile personas have ditched strict attire for cosier outfits while making video appearances – but the Brexit party leader’s choice was mocked by many as borderline NSFW.

    Nigel Farage was probably feeling relaxed during his Wednesday livestream, but many people were not. The reason: a pair of overly short shorts.

    The British MEP donned a pair of boxer shorts instead of trousers for a Q&A session on Facebook.

    He spoke at length about globalisation, Britain’s strategic targets and response to the pandemic, but viewers’ attention was apparently distracted.

    “I saw, god knows how I saw, Nigel Farage yesterday on Facebook,” TV celebrity Trinny Woodall said on Thursday’s This Morning show.

    “He was sitting there like this,” Woodall said as she spread her legs, “but he had shorts on and he had the camera really far down and every other comment was ‘We can see your privates Nigel! Can you place your hand…?’”

    Social media critics have been ruthless. “He looks like a divorcee sending a video message to the Russian bloke pretending to be his ‘girlfriend,’” one user joked.

    “He looks like he’s going to gorge himself with toblerone and drive to Dundee in his bare feet,” another commenter quipped, referring to one of the famous episodes in the life of comedic character Alan Partridge.

    Some have pointed out the decorum at Farage’s home, which notably included a picture of a hamster behind his back.

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