12:10 GMT24 July 2021
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    As angry social media users proceeded to give the comedian a piece of their mind over the joke in question, even Mia Khalifa herself took note of the ensuing fracas.

    It appears that the name of Mia Khalifa, a popular ex-porn actress of Lebanese descent, is once again causing a stir on social media due to a certain TV broadcast.

    The ruckus started when some netizens took note of a joke about girls who make TikTok videos, made by a comedian named Wissam Saad and aired on Lebanese television.

    As one social media user explained, the joke in question involved the comedian describing the aforementioned girls as "little Mia Khalifas" and that "he'd rape them".

    ​"This guy basically said he gets so horny after watching girls on TikTok that he wouldn't be able to control himself and would rape them", the concerned netizen complained, adding that the content in question was aired as "comedy".

    A number of social media users have also taken offense with the joke, voicing their condemnation of it online.

    And it seems that this situation did not escape the attention of Mia Khalifa herself.

    ​Having managed to become quite famous during her brief career as a porn film actress, Mia Khalifa remains one of the most searched-for actresses on Pornhub.

    Her stint in the adult entertainment industry, however, also gained her a fair share of notoriety among the more conservative public in the Middle East, and made her a target for death threats, which apparently led to her eventual career change.

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