10:54 GMT26 November 2020
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    While everything is more or less clear regarding working from home, as by far not all employment is about close contact, the same cannot by definition apply to one's sex life. However, savvy self-isolated (or not yet) netizens have offered up quite a few options to bump uglies and still stay germ-free.

    As the coronavirus crisis rages on, with most of the world currently locked indoors, and all retail and other businesses with minor exceptions going full-on online, concerns have arisen about how to best ease one’s tensions, physically speaking.

    For many, as Twitter suggests under an especially devised hashtag, #safesextipsduringquarantine, social distancing means sexual distancing, with one calling to “get to know yourself fluently” as the most viable sexual option:

    …while another speculated on how babies would soon be technically conceived:

    “Even in a pandemic, abstinence remains unbeatable", a third stated citing the respective biblical teaching:

    Some posted a “coronasutra” image, showing sex positions that can in theory be viewed as acceptable during the epidemic - namely those that involve appropriate facial distancing, whereas a few suggested hand hygiene should also be up to the mark:

    “…only hands?” one wondered incredulously.

    "Hand sanitizer and lube should occupy the same type of bottle", another waded in, with many sharing similar tips…and side-slitting memes:

    One in the meantime cheekily suggested another use for sanitisers by way of a life hack.

    “Safe sex is no sex", another posted along with a laughable pic:

    One even attempted to sum up advice from the point of view of gender, with some, in the meantime, admitting they were checking out the hashtag despite being alone for the pandemic stint:

    There were those quick to even offer their services: one, for instance, promised that ecstasy is just a phone call away...

    …while some asserted there is nothing to worry about as long as “you keep yourself covered” sharing a hilarious clip from an old movie:

    According to worldometers.info, the total number of coronavirus cases has to date climbed to 601,520 worldwide, with as many as 27,441 deaths registered overall, most of them (around 9,100) in Italy, the country hit the most by the novel virus.


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