11:35 GMT31 October 2020
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    The frightening guest was said to be five-meters long and weighing over 80 kilograms, according to local media. The snake catcher said it was the biggest creeping thing he has caught in 27 years.

    An old woman was frightened on Monday seeing a giant albino Burmese python on her doorstep in the Gold Coast suburb of Oxenford, Australia. She immediately called Tony Harrison, a seasoned snake catcher, for help.

    “This was the largest snake I have come across in 27 years,” Harrison said, cited by ABC Gold Coast. “This poor little old lady answered the front door of her house and there's this snake sitting on her doorstep”.

    The snake hunter suggested, “I'd say that somebody's just had it for a pet for years and it's just pushed its way out of its enclosure”.

    He said that the python was behaving placidly, making it easy to catch, though admitting, “It’s a big slug, it's hard to pick up”.

    “It's an old snake. It's got scars on it ... it's missing its tail, so it's had a rough life,” Harrison noted.

    According to Queensland law, keeping a prohibited reptile like a Burmese python can lead to a fine of up to $130,550.


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