15:26 GMT09 April 2020
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    The brief online video showing a strange tuft body, six legs and an antenna drew netizens into a heated discussion about how wonderful and strange nature is.

    A video of a bizarre-looking creature slowly climbing a tree shared online has fired up the internet, leaving many puzzling as to what the “thing” might be.

    ​The footage was shared on 16 March by Indian Forest Services officer Parveen Kaswan on Twitter, with the caption emphasizing that nature is “filled with amazing details” people often fail to observe, as he added that the video had been filmed by Maria Chacon.

    The 44-second clip has drummed up over 3,200 views on the platform, sparking an online debate in the comments section as to what the creature might be.

    ​Some suggested it was a rare stick insect.

    ​Other netizens were grateful to the officer for making the post, and delighted in the wonders of nature.

    ​Finally, others suggested the creature was a lichen Katydid – an insect that has mastered the art of mimicry and camouflage to perfection!

    ​In its nymphal form, lichen Katydid becomes the exact image of the lichen that is abundant in the insect’s habitat. 


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