21:52 GMT26 November 2020
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    As the host of the 2019 series Nick Cannon put it, the former Republican vice-presidential candidate’s unexpected performance was the most “shocking” experience he has had during the run of the show, with the panel unaware until the last moment who was hidden underneath an extravagant pink bear costume.

    Sarah Palin has been revealed to be the pink bear in a recent episode of the Fox series “The Masked Singer.”

    The 56-year-old - a 1984 Alaskan beauty queen prize winner - turned heads as she performed a 1992 hip hop track by Sir Mix-a-Lot, which, in a sexual manner, celebrates the curves of a women’s body.

    "I've seen it all. I've literally seen everything," said panelist Robin Thicke.

    “Holy snap! And she was rapping,” he added.

    For a moment, the former politician’s cover of the chart-topper made Thicke believe that Tina Fey, Palin’s famous impersonator, was the pink bear.

    Palin gave her own explanation of why she chose to put on the mask.

    "The bear is part of my nickname growing up and the whole ''Mama Bear'' thing, and they're in Alaska. They're in their front yards. Bear was easy," she said, expressing gratitude for being allowed to alter the original lyrics of the song for Fox’s singing event.

    “I was so appreciative of The Masked Singer, they let me exploit men. I changed the lyrics and it was all about men,' she said of a song that lyrically focuses on large female derrieres.

    Unable to resist what appeared to be authentic emotions, host Cannon admitted that “this might be the most shocked” he has been on this show.

    The pink bear, represented by a former governor of Alaska, was the first singer kicked out in Group C who, as Cannon put it, “have one Guinness World Record, two Time Magazine Most Influential People honours, three New York Times bestsellers and 36 gold records.”

    Palin's pink bear described itself at length in video clues, asserting:

    "Maybe I've been a bit polarizing, but just like a bear it's been to protect my cubs. Under this mask, I found the courage to come out of my cage, stop hiding and face the world head on. Now tonight, I bear exercise [sic] my right to a killer performance," the masked Palin said.

    Her appearance was not unnoticed as one user tweeted:

    “Yes we are fully committed to dystopia.”

    Some tweeted that they had to rub their eyes to make sure that what they were watching was “real”.

    A number of Twitterians, ironically, left room for doubt, whereas others expressed joy at her being deleted in the first round.

    “Watching that was like having a psychotic break. I've lost my grip on the world,” another user tweeted.


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