11:42 GMT23 October 2020
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    The man who filmed the strange object claimed that he has never seen anything like it, and that there was apparently "no visible human navigating" the device in question.

    A bizarre sight was spotted recently high above the US state of Massachusetts where onlookers spotted an enigmatic object of unclear origin cruising through the sky.

    As the person who recorded the video (the veracity of which couldn’t be immediately confirmed) explained to the YouTube channel ZeaL where the footage was uploaded under the title "Skeleton Key UFO in Plymouth County", the strange object was flying parallel to their heads, "no further than the length of a football field away", and appeared to be the size of a helicopter, "if not larger".

    "By the time I got my phone out, the object had already begun accelerating away from us. While it may appear to be hovering in the video, it is actually traveling forward at a great deal of speed", the man, identified only as Troy B. "I could see the shape of the structure clearly, and could see the ovular shaped black orb and what appeared to be a caterpillar like tail".

    He also noted that the object was close enough for him to distinguish two things: that "there was no visible human navigating the device", and that he has "never seen anything like it."

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