12:09 GMT23 January 2021
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    The preliminary results of the Super Tuesday primaries, which allocate 1/3 of all pledged delegates for the Democratic Party Convention, show Joe Biden winning in most of the states. This is his second major success in the Democratic primaries after performing poorly in the first three votes.

    The initial results of Super Tuesday’s Democratic primaries have not been received well by supporters of Bernie Sanders, who were quick to cry "foul" as former Vice President Joe Biden revealed a surprising growth in support after showing poor results over the preceding two months.

    Recalling the WikiLeaks revelations, as well as various conspiracy theories from back in 2016, Bernie Sanders’ supporters rushed to Twitter to complain that the Democratic Party establishment had allegedly once again gone to great lengths to prevent the progressive Vermont senator from winning the nomination, accompanying their publications with the #RiggedPrimary hashtag.

    Some of his supporters blamed Sanders' ideological competitor, Senator Elizabeth Warren, for aiding the DNC's alleged attempts to deprive the Vermont senator of the nomination, arguing that she should have suspended her campaign and endorsed Sanders a long time ago.

    However, Sanders' supporters, also known as Bernie Bros, faced criticism from their fellow Democratic voters, who accused them of pointless whining over the Super Tuesday "loss". Namely, they argued that the "rigged primary" was in fact just people voting for candidates that they actually like.

    Some netizens noted that Sanders was the only person responsible for his underperformance on Super Tuesday, although others argued that his combative supporters were actually to blame.

    Several Twitterians went as far as to compare Bernie Bros with Trump supporters, citing their alleged aggressiveness. Others added that the "rigged primary" allegations only benefit Trump, with Democrats having desperately been seeking to expel him from the White House since his election several years ago.

    The discussions about a "rigged primary" and attacks from Bernie Bros haven’t gone without wild "Russian meddling" conspiracy theories, with some suggesting that the whole ruckus was orchestrated by the Kremlin.

    Oddly enough, some netizens were unhappy with both of the two frontrunner candidates in the Democratic primaries, noting that the two have major downsides as possible nominees.


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