14:29 GMT20 February 2020
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    From Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, it seems that Saturday Night Live has never overlooked any president or government official throughout its history. The show’s creators frequently take jabs at President Donald Trump, but this time they apparently decided to focus on Democrats…

    Netizens were left enraptured after Saturday Night Live aired a skit mocking a recent Democratic debate in New Hampshire. The latest episode of the show was hosted by actor RuPaul with Justin Bieber as the musical guest. It covered many topics from Donald Trump’s impeachment acquittal to white male rage in Oscar-nominated films, but its main segment was devoted to recent Democratic debates.

    During the sketch Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, portrayed by the creator of Seinfeld Larry David, suggested a new app: "It’s called no apps – no apps, no computers, no gadgets, no gizmos. You show up to your polling place, you take a number like you do with your butcher", he said referring to a delay in the Iowa Caucus count caused by app problems.

    The show’s writer, Colin Jost portrayed former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg who referred to himself as the "white Obama", a reference to comparisons between the two politicians, while Rachel Dratch who portrayed Amy Klobuchar compared herself and Elizabeth Warren, played by Kate McKinnon, to Jennifer Lopez and Shakira before making zaghrouta, a vocal expression that made Super Bowl audiences and social media buzz for several days.

    The show also featured other Democratic presidential candidates Andrew Yang, played by Bowen Yang, Fred Armisen as billionaire Mike Bloomberg and Jason Sudeikis as former Vice President Joe Biden.

    ​Netizens praised the sketch and noted the striking resemblance between Larry David and Bernie Sanders with some users unable to decide who they want to see in the oval office.

    ​Other users said that Kate McKinnon’s portrayal of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren will help the latter win the 2020 election.

    ​Many netizens argued about what the best moment in the show was. The most popular choices were Jason Sudeikis’s Joe Biden and Colin Jost’s Pete Buttigieg.

    ​Still others praised SNL for mocking the Democratic debates, saying that the DNC is in trouble.

    ​Seven Democrats running for president met for a debate on 7 February in New Hampshire, four days before the primary in the northeastern state. During the event candidates attacked Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders, who are leading with 13 and 12 votes following the Iowa Caucus. Sanders was criticised by his fellow party members for his left-wing ideas and his opposition to gun control measures in the past, while Buttigieg was attacked for his ties with big donors and questioned whether a mayor of a small city can handle the job of running the whole country.

    Former Vice President Joe Biden, who the media touted as President Donald Trump's main rival in the 2020 election is only fourth with 8 votes, while Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is third.

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