04:01 GMT28 February 2020
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    Last year treated conspiracy theorists of all kinds to numerous sightings of unidentified flying objects in various parts of the world. Although many of them turned out to have a mundane explanation, alien hunters do not seem to have parted with their hopes of finding the truth somewhere out there.

    An elongated object, captured floating in the evening sky over a motorway near an airport in New Jersey in the US, has excited commenters. The clip, first posted in the UFO hunter den MUFON and then shared by the popular YouTube conspiracy channel Disclose Screen The Grimreefar, shows a car driving down a busy road with a plane flying over the cameraman’s head.

    However, the footage also captures another dark flying object, one that is shaped like a stick with some kind of a tail. In contrast to the plane, the object is hovering in the same position. The mysterious object in the video, the authenticity of which has not been confirmed, is not zoomed in on, making it difficult to examine in detail. Although the cameraman apparently pulls over to get a better look at it, it doesn’t help much to explain the bizarre phenomenon.

    The YouTuber, who prompted debate on the video platform after sharing the clip from New Jersey, asked in the title whether it was a black squid UFO and not a kite, considering that it was not moving.

    His question puzzled some, as the quality of the clip was not good enough to determine what it was.

    “Kinda hard to tell since it’s like 2 pixels long”, one commenter noted.

    Others were sure that it had a mundane explanation – like a kite or perhaps a returning plane.

    “Another plane making the turn to land”, a user under the handle Eu mesmo suggested, while another added: “Chemtrail technology. What's really crazy is the completely [sic] and new strange colors in the sky”.

    Another commenter was confident in their theory that it could have been a kite, betting “a substantial amount of money” on it: “There are these GIGANTIC kites that have become popular over the last decade or so. They are 3 dimensional kites with multiple different moving parts. One of the most liked of those kites just happens to be a squid”.


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