07:11 GMT26 February 2020
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    Elon Musk has proved a versatile creator, but forget electric cars, rockets and flamethrowers – the Tesla boss has now ventured into electronic music.

    The meme lord of Twitter, Elon Musk on Thursday released an addictive EDM track titled ‘Don’t doubt ur Vibe’ on SoundCloud.

    The song has just two lines; the first one goes, ‘Don’t doubt your vibe/Because it’s true’, and the second is virtually the same, but ends with ‘you’ instead of ‘true’ (if you want to vibe, click here).

    It came out on Emo G Records, a satirical record label on which Musk earlier dropped a single dedicated to the now-deceased celebrity gorilla Harambe.

    The cover features Tesla’s Cybertruck against the background of Mars – a reference to another Tesla vehicle famously sent into space in 2018.

    Musk teased for the release of his track throughout Thursday, posting photos from the studio and changing his Twitter handle to ‘E ‘D’ M’, a pun on his initials and the electronic music genre. He took credit for the deep lyrics and performed the vocals but did not reveal the name of the producer.

    On an unrelated note, SoundCloud’s ‘Related Tracks’ feature near Musk’s creation recommends listening to ‘Erectile Dysfunction’ and ‘Get The N***ers Off My Property’.

    It seems many fans of electronic music have been listening to the track unironically.

    “Love the track, so simple, but catchy and chill. Keep it up Elon!” one person wrote.

    Another said: “If this doesn’t make #1 on SoundCloud I’m going to be really disappointed.”

    Some suggested it should be played in Tesla and brought to Spotify.

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