21:07 GMT28 October 2020
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    New Delhi (Sputnik): The elephant has been off and on visiting the hotel since 2013 and is a visual treat for visitors to the Sri Lankan hotel. Known as Natta Kota, meaning short-tail, the elephant is viewed by the hotel staff as their most loyal patron.

    The elephant named Natta Kota appeared to be confused after wandering into a hotel in Sri Lanka.

    The sneaky elephant tip-toed into the hotel but poked a member of staff or two with his swinging trunk.

    In the video clip, the inquisitive elephant can be seen almost touching the roof of the hotel.

    However, it is still a mystery how the enormous jumbo got into the hotel. In the clip, it can also be seen standing near the staircase.

    The video clip was loved by Twitter users, who shared some cheeky comments on the video.

    A Twitter user also said that the elephant is a regular visitor to the hotel.


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