03:54 GMT28 February 2020
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    In late December, the same UFO enthusiast uploaded a YouTube video of what looked like an unidentified flashing object in the sky above the Mojave Desert, moving towards Nellis Air Force Base.

    A YouTube user nicknamed UFO Over Vegas has shared a video of what he said were three unexplained lights slowly descending at a US Air Force base located on the outskirts of Las Vegas.

    The 16-minute video showed three bright orb-like objects hovering above the mountains near Las Vegas before they start to descend at Nellis Air Force Base.

    The user said that he had taken the footage on 15 November 2016, declining to elaborate on why he had uploaded it to YouTube only on 18 January 2019.

    “What initially appeared to be an airplane ended up being an incredible trio of beautiful UFOs that approached Nellis AFB (Air Force base) very slowly and ended up scattering as they touched down,” the YouTuber wrote in a comment on the video.

    The clip has already garnered more than 4,500 views, with many describing the footage of the alleged UFOs as an “awesome” video.

    Others remained more sceptical, questioning why other people on the ground failed to see such bright objects above them and suggesting they could be nothing but drones rather than UFOs.

    The footage was uploaded a few weeks after the same user shared a video of what they said was an unidentified fast-moving flashing object in the sky, moving further towards the Nellis airbase.

    The author of the video claimed that the UFO covered some 50 miles (80 kilometres) in three minutes, meaning that it was allegedly moving at a speed of 994 miles (1,600 kilometres) per hour, which is only a little slower than the F-35's top speed of 1,199 miles (1,930 kilometres) per hour.

    At the same time, the user claimed that the object produced "no sound", and that he would have heard any other aircraft from where he was filming.


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