20:30 GMT25 January 2020
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    Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is no stranger to making bold statements – and not always in relation to his political views. The head of state has previously openly boasted about the size of his physical endowment, while also vowing to shoot female rebel fighters in the country in the genitals.

    The eruption of the Taal Volcano had a devastating impact on large areas of Metro Manila and Central Luzon over the weekend, with the Philippine president visiting the affected areas on Tuesday, despite ongoing health issues and warnings from his doctors about the negative effect the trip could have on his lungs, the Philippine Star reported.

    Prior to his visit, Rodrigo Duterte made some bold remarks about the way he was going to deal with the sulfuric gases and ashes that are being spewed out as a result of the eruption, including making a reference to using his own “fire extinguisher” - words that have certainly raised some eyebrows on the Internet.

    “I can even eat ashfall. I can even pee on Taal, that b****, pest”, the president said on Monday, as quoted by the Philippine Star.

    When he arrived to the affected areas of Batangas the next day, Duterte told a group of officials in English that it was thanks to the “beautiful women” in the region that his problems “disappeared” after he stepped down from the helicopter.

    “Really, I love beautiful women”, the president noted during the meeting at the Batangas Provincial Sports Complex.

    Not surprisingly, Duterte’s remarks caused some shock among netizens. 

    This is not the first time that the Philippine president has shaken up the public with less-than-formal statements, as he has earlier openly boasted about the size of his penis which, according to him, he used to show off while walking around naked during his years as a student. Duterte has in the past also openly called for female insurgents to be shot “in the vagina”, while also branding former US President Barack Obama a “son of a wh**e”.

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