17:17 GMT +319 January 2020
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    Vocalist in popular South Korean boy band Exo's Chen announced in a handwritten letter to fans that he will be getting married to his girlfriend, who is reportedly pregnant

    Later, SM Entertainment, the group’s label, officially confirmed the news in a statement.

    Shortly after the announcement netizens started to speculate about his future bride's pregnancy after he used a handwritten letter to fans to say that "a blessing" came his way and that he was taken aback but could not "lose any more time thinking about when or how (he) should announce this" and summoned the courage to go public with the news.

    Reacting to the news, EXO-L (official fandom name) from South Korea was furious both in the official app LYSN and on Twitter, slamming the idol for his decision and demanding his departure from the band.

    ​"Jongdae, just leave the group and do no harm EXO. You have earned enough, I do not want to see a gander with a child"
    ​"I'm starting to regret being a fan for 8 years. Jongdae, leave the group, you have already lost our trust. We treasured you so much, but you cannot even fulfil the promise you made. Leave the group "
    "If you won't have a baby (expecting), when would you tell (us) about this?"

    Fansites, who supported Chen as a member of EXO and his solo activities announced they are closing in the light of the news.

    ​"I wanted to believe that it was eternity, but nothing lasted forever. Thanks for letting me know now."

    In the official app fans post photos of destroyed stuff with Chen, selling it after years of collecting.

    Fans post photos of destroyed stuff with Chen
    © Blogger photo. Screenshot
    Fans post photos of destroyed stuff with Chen


    "For me, Chen from EXO no longer exists. If you are going to teach me, do not even come to me. It is my right to express my thoughts."

    Fans angry at Chen's revelation
    © Blogger photo. Screenshot
    Fans angry at Chen's revelation

    "Why is it so hard for you to say just "i am sorry" to your fans? Shame on you. Never heard of an idol becoming father before the wedding? How could I be a fan? No quiet days in fandom, just leave the band."

    ​But some fans in an effort to protect their favourite idol tried to bring those grief-stricken fans to their senses.

    Other fans supported Chen's announcement
    © Blogger photo. Screenshot
    Other fans supported Chen's announcement

    "It was hard for Jongdae to say that too, just do not cross the line. I see many posts beyond the pale. He is a human, too. Don't ever think he can be hurt too? If you are an idol, so you cannot get married and just do your job? We can be in relationships, can have a wedding and no one tells us about it nothing. Don't you think EXO will not like that members are congratulating with news and fans are demanding departure?"

    ​"Why are you all swearing at Jongdae, that he needs to leave the band? His wedding and baby is the reason to be happy and be grateful. He told everything because of you, himself and you are swearing at him"

    ​Korean fans of Chen are known as "soondingies" and are trying to show more love and support with international fans, who met the news with joy and happiness trending #webelieveinjongdae and #exois9 in Korean twitter.

    Chen, real name Kim Jong-dae, is the first member from EXO to get married and the first one to become a father.

    Chen debuted in 2012 as part of the nine-man group Exo, which is one of the most popular K-pop boy bands in the industry. The group recently released their sixth Korean album Obsession, which charted on the Billboard 200.


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