07:32 GMT21 September 2020
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    Tom’s Diner, a popular restaurant in Denver, Colorado recently attracted attention on Reddit after a customer shared a photo of his bill.

    The wording on the bill begins as usual: "1 portion of side mashed potatoes $2.99, 1 portion of chicken tenders basket $9.00." But the last line seems weird: "1 stupid question $0.38."

    Probably unexpectedly for the author of the post, Reddit users who saw his complaint were not at all outraged. Many even supported the tactics of the restaurant, and decided to shame the author.

    “If I got paid to listen to people’s stupid questions I’d probably be a billionaire,” one user wrote.

    "Oh my God! I love Tom’s Diner!!", wrote someone else.

    But in reality, the $0.38 charge should not have surprised the customer, because the restaurant does indicate its price for “stupid questions” under the “Side Dishes” section of the menu. And according to some customers, asking the waiter “what is a stupid question” is itself subject to this penalty amount. The person who shared the photo did not specify what was he'd asked that led to the surcharge.

    As you can see, the diner has some humour in its menu.

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