01:00 GMT13 August 2020
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    The 2010s have been marked by numerous appearances of unidentified flying objects, tingling the curiosity of alien hunters and regular people all over the world. Although the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence has not yet been proven, consistent sightings at least give conspiracy theorists something to nourish their beliefs.

    A black object shaped like a giant Tic-Tac breathmint was filmed lurking over Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, Arizona, in the US, according to popular YouTube conspiracy channel Disclose Screen. According to the clip posted by The Grimreefar on the video platform, the sightings occurred on 28 December and have given alien hunters something new to discuss. Its authenticity could not be confirmed, however.

    The video lasts almost 14 minutes and shows something hovering over the valley and revealing its bizarre cigar-like shape, dancing in the air.

    "It's been up there since we've been up here, I don't know what the hell it is. It's not a plane," a man is heard to say on the video.

    The clip has been viewed over 1,700 times, with commenters rushing to offer their take on what is behind the strange appearance.

    “Yeah, yeah I know I'm late, but never too late to watch another interesting content from this channel. UFOs lately has [sic] been appearing all over the world with different shapes and sizes. The government can't hide the truth for long. Thanks for the amazing video,” one netizen noted, while another pointed out: “Alien craft all over these days.”

    However, there were those who offered a more down-to-Earth explanation.

    “There is an advertisement blimp company less than 10 miles from that airport,” one of the commenters under the video posted.

    Another commenter was more precise: “You can tell it's a zeppelin when you pause a video. You can even see the square display and stabilizers. And silver or gray color match [sic] the description.”


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