08:16 GMT18 February 2020
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    The great white shark is the biggest predatory fishes in the world and is considered the most dangerous to humans. Large female individuals can grow up to 6 meters in length, while males can measure from 3.4 to 4 meters.

    A fisherman in South Africa miraculously escaped a deadly rendezvous with a white shark that dragged him out to sea. The incident occurred on a Christmas day when Theodore Prinsloo was spearfishing off the coast of Nature's Valley in the Western Cape. Prinsloo was hunting for musselcracker fish that he planned to cook during a family barbecue. He attached his catch to a floatation buoy that in turn was attached to his belt by a line.

    At some point, Theodore caught a 9-kilogram musselcracker, which apparently caught the attention of a five-meter shark. It snatched the fisherman's catch and began dragging Theodore out to sea, at some point even pulling him underwater as people on the beach observed the situation in horror.

    A rescue team rushed to the scene, but all they found was the buoy and the torn-up musselcracker fish head.

    Theodore claims the shark dragged him for about 20 minutes before he managed to unhook himself from the buoy. He told the media that the shark attempted to swim close to him again after he miraculously escaped it. Completely exhausted, Theodore managed to make his way to the beach and collapsed. Afterwards, he contacted rescue services to let them know that he was the person they had been looking for.

    Despite Theodore's terrifying, nearly deadly shark encounter, he returned to sea the next day with his battle-scarred buoy as he has no intention of giving up fishing.

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