06:50 GMT27 January 2021
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    While some social media users went on to slam capitalism over this new toilet innovation, other made joking suggestions about the potential upside.

    As companies around the world strive to develop new means to boost employees’ efficiency, it appears that one venture is setting its sights on bathrooms and bathroom breaks in pursuit of this goal.

    According to the Guardian, a startup called StandardToilet has determined that a toilet with a 13-degree downward tilt would be uncomfortable to sit on for more that few minutes, thus possibly allowing companies to increase their employees’ productivity as workers would spend less time on bathroom breaks.

    ​The media outlet also notes that StandardToilet calculated that “employees are spending an average of 10 minutes a day on the toilet” and that an estimated £4 billion (about $5.2 billion) is lost annually “answering Mother Nature’s call”.

    Many social media users seemed less than pleased by this development, making critical remarks about corporate policies and about capitalism as a whole.

    Some netizens also made tongue-in-cheek suggestions about how to counter this innovation.

    And at least one person made a snarky remark about how one might respond to such measures.

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