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    Over the past 10 years, bad (or good?) luck and a turn of events have offered fans a good look at slightly more than celebrities and politicians have bargained for. Two weeks before the new decade begins, it is time to reminisce how VIPs have made us gasp.

    Celebrity nipples, crotches, and cracks – there have been no shortage of gaffes, prompted by A-listers’ love for risky outfits or their clothing malfunctions. Some of them have triggered online storms while others have gone down in the history of memes. The 2010s have been marked by several blunders that still make onlookers giggle.

    Ivanka Trump’s UN Nipple Show

    The United Nations has long been a stage where calls for all kinds of freedoms are heard. In 2019, the meme urge “Free Nipples” appeared as netizens rushed to discuss Ivanka Trump’s possible wardrobe malfunction, which offered attendees from all around the world more than a glimpse of the outline of her nipples through her shirt.

    ​Twitter erupted in a frenzy of comments, with many outraged at the flippancy of seemingly going braless under an elegant blue shirt at such a high-profile event.

    Cardi B’s On-Stage Malfunction

    The rapper’s devotion to twerking and tight stage outfits landed her in hot water this summer when her outfit apparently split just several songs into her set at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Tennessee.

    ​Cardi B, however, turned her costume malfunction into part of the performance as she changed into a robe and sang like this until the end of the show.

    Irina Shayk’s 2017 Flash

    Russian beauty Irina Shayk is no stranger to daring photoshoots. Her slip at the 2017 Fashion Awards turned into a bonus for her fans. The model opted for a silver-and-white gown with a high slit that was hard to control. As a result, she flashed her tiny underwear on the red carpet.

    Margot Robbie’s 2016 Red Carpet Nightmare

    Australian superstar Margot Robbie was just one step away from a full-scale wardrobe disaster at the premiere of her movie Legend of Tarzan. The stunner opted for an embroidered sheer Victorian-style gown that looked like a safe choice as it had no dangerous slits or décolleté.

    ​However, it still betrayed her and apparently unraveled itself. Luckily, her co-star, “Tarzan” Alexander Skarsgård, was quick to save her and helped to fix the dress.

    Diane Kruger’s 2015 Blunder in Cannes

    Like many of us, blonde beauty Diane Kruger was ready for a daring move for a good shot at the 2015 Cannes International Film Festival photo roll-call when she presented her movie Disorder and jumped onto a ledge. Her outfit, an ultra-short blue dress, was hardly suitable for the stunt as she showed slightly more than she had apparently planned. Now, we know that she wore pink underwear that day.

    Nicki Minaj’s 2014 MTV Video Music Awards Mishap

    The rapper is known for her love of daring and skin-tight outfits, which might cause her trouble. One of such dress, a low-cut black gown popped open during her performance at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards.

    Anne Hathaway’s 2012 Grand Flash at Les Misérables Premiere

    The Hollywood star learned the lesson that ditching your underwear for a risky outfit might not be a good idea in 2012. When Anne Hathaway was getting out of her car at the premiere of Les Misérables, she offered up every paparazzo’s dream flash and repeated Britney Spears’ notorious gaffe.

    “It kind of made me sad on two accounts. One, that I was very sad that we live in an age when someone takes a picture of another person in a vulnerable moment and rather than delete it, and do the decent thing, sells it”, she later admitted.

    Katherine Heigl’s 2010 On-Stage Disaster

    Katherine Heigl experienced one of every actor’s nightmares in 2010 when she accepted the ShoWest Female Star of the Year Award. One of the straps of her red gown suddenly broke, but the stunner managed to handle the crisis with the help of presenter Billy Bush.


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