07:49 GMT29 November 2020
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    Swede Felix Kjellberg, better known to the world as one of the most influential creators on YouTube – PewDiePie, with over 102 million followers, has had a countless number of spats, including his epic subscription race with the Indian giant T-Series. In a recent vlog post, he turned his sarcasm against the anti-vaccination movement.

    PewDiePie, who is closing the year with a record-breaking number of subscribers on his YouTube channel, has mercilessly roasted the anti-vaccination movement in a recent review on the “Facepalm” forum on Reddit. 30-year-old Felix Kjellberg, which is the YouTube king’s real name, did not beat around the bush as he gave his take on the news about 22 other people having been infected with measles at an NBA game after a sick person went there.

    "Oh God, I genuinely facepalmed. Twenty-two peopled infected! Stop! This is where the government needs to steps in and just f**king vaccinate everyone!" he suggested, going on to mock anti-vaxxers about other apparently whacky beliefs: "What are they gonna do next!? Put chip in our hands!? Government, stay out!"

    He did not stop at this post about the movement, but also slammed one of the mothers who asked in a social media post whether she was a bad parent for hot having vaccinated her toddler – with the child subsequently catching the whooping cough.

    "'Could I have prevented this?’ That is such a facepalm!" he commented on her question with an actual facepalm, answering: "‘Am I a terrible mother?’ Yes!"

    He also took aim at one of the most polar arguments of anti-vaxxers, who believe that vaccines can cause autism and other injuries.

    "But my child now has autism. Poof! It has autism!" he lambasted the popular belief.

    Doctors warn that the eradication of many viruses, including measles, requires vaccines, as it is the only form of prevention or treatment.

    This comes as some regions in the United States are currently experiencing a spike in measles outbreaks, the origins of which are in communities with low vaccination rates.

    Measles deaths plummeted after the MMR vaccine was introduced in 1971.


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