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    'Planet With Wings' or Plane? Enigmatic Object in US Skies Puzzles Netizens

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    While suggestions about the origins of the strange flying object ranged from space debris to whole planets, at least one person offered a much more mundane explanation to this phenomenon.

    A peculiar sight caught on camera in the sky above South Carolina has apparently left a number of netizens scratching their heads.

    The footage in question shows a strange object that resembles a comet in the sky, appearing to be almost stationary, when another object, possibly a plane, flying behind it.

    "I've seen falling stars, and they light up and disappear really fast. This object was moving, but barely. You can't even tell it is moving in this video but it was moving downward very slowly", the person who apparently recorded video wrote in the caption. "Another thing, if you look very closely you can see it is an object. There is an 'eye' in this 'comet'. And why did the plane travel behind it instead of in front? Does that mean it is in our atmosphere and that plane directly passed that object?"

    While the video was originally posted on YouTube several weeks ago, it has since been shared by channels dedicated to UFO sightings and other inexplicable phenomena, spawning several conspiracy theories among curious social media users, The Charlotte Observer notes.

    While one netizen suggested that the aircraft seen flying near the object was a "spotter plane", another speculated that the "comet" could've been "some kind of space debris or rocket reentry, coming in at such an angle to appear slower".

    Yet another social media user claimed that it was “the planet with wings in the nemesis system that heading towards earth”.

    One person, however, offered a much more mundane explanation, arguing that it was “just two planes” and nothing more.

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