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    Netizens Ecstatic over 'Baby Shield' Protecting Parents From… Pee and Vomit

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    Parenthood seems to anything but easy, especially when it comes to feeding, giving baths, changing diapers, to say nothing of all the sleepless nights. Someone has finally decided to address some of the above mentioned issues and created…a fake product.

    Social media users have been engaged in heated debates over a baby shield that protects parents from children’s pee and vomit, with some people on the web praising the idea and voicing the desire to purchase it, while others found it terrible. What users didn’t know is that baby shield is not a real product, but a prank. The device looks like transparent shield with two hand slots and rubber gloves attached to them, allowing parents to interact with their babies and at the same time stay clean.

    The picture of the product was shared by the Jack and Jill Market Facebook Page and drew torrents of comments from social media users. One user wrote: "Maybe buy that for my boy when my grand baby arrives next year!!" Another wrote: "I need this".

    Despite the fact that many found the device to be useful, a lot of users were puzzled and were even incensed by the idea of buying such a product, which they claim takes all the fun out of being a parent. One woman wrote: "Are you kidding me. No love or bonding at all with that thing. If you don’t want the mess, joy, love and fun, don’t have a baby!!!!!!"

    Another took the news very, very seriously and said: "I would rather be covered in sick and s***t that [sic] use this contraption".

    Other users, who realised the product is a wind-up, joked about using it for other purposes. "I need a version for adults", wrote one user, while another said: "Should have one of these for every time a politician comes to your door!"

    Baby shield turned out to be a prank gift box that allows people to put a real present in it and then surprise the person who open it. The device can be bought on the Odditymall website, which sells unusual gifts.

    But believe it or not, there is a real alternative to baby shield called pee-pee teepee, which is, well… a teepee that protects parents from unexpected sprinkles. To top it all, there is a product called Windi the Gaspasser that helps infants suffering from bloating to make wind.

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