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    Lulz as Jordan Peterson’s Daughter Shares Thanksgiving Cartoon Jeering at Their ‘Lion Diet'

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    In a hilarious video, the professor’s character is declining the chef’s multiple offers of fruit and vegetables, with his child sitting nearby arguing one thing she can express gratitude for on Thanksgiving is turkey – a landmark roasted dish served on holidays in the US and Canada.

    Canadian Professor Jordan Peterson’s daughter Mikhaila, who has been running a blog in nutrition and eating habits, has shared a video clip featuring her and her Dad’s cartoon images partaking in a vivid discussion around a Thanksgiving table.

    The subject is certainly the choice of food with “Peterson” doubling down on his calls to stick to an entirely meat diet, as his character butts in saying that cranberries, for instance led him to “a cardiac arrest” while the last time he ate olives “he was in a coma for six months".

    The animated character than goes on to elaborate about what implications the word “pass” could have – in a veiled ironic dig at Jordan’s attention to the choice of words and naming.

    “The divine masculine run amok", one user said in the comments below the video, while a different one praised not only Mikhaila’s father’s ability to “lead people to find meaning in their lives” but also his presumed self-irony:

    Hearty laughter came in abundance as well, with many posting  quotes from the cartoon together with ROFLing emojis and suggestive memes:

    “Last time I ate an asparagus it sent me to the underworld to rescue my father", one cited “Jordan Peterson” as saying in the cartoon in an apparent reference to Peterson’s peculiar meat-dominated diet that he said helped him to resolve his ankle issues.

    Appraisal of Peterson’s work at large came in as well:

    … while some wondered how the professor is feeling now:

    A prominent critic of mandatory political correctness and vehement free speech proponent, Peterson has thrown his support behind his daughter’s project, The Lion Diet, whereby she promises that a three-ingredient diet of beef, salt and water, intermingled with occasional fasting, will guarantee complete remission from severe autoimmune arthritis and depression.

    The Canadian professor shot to fame back in 2016 after the release of his YouTube series criticising Canadian legislation requiring the public to make use of gender-neutral pronouns in case a person identifies himself or herself as neither a man nor a woman.

    Jordan, who has been lamenting the depreciation of masculinity in today’s society, claimed at the time that he is in no way against anyone’s self-identification, but any obligations with regard to this violates his personal freedom. In the teeth of accusations of pursuing right-wing politics, Jordan struck back arguing that his way of thinking has nothing to do with politics, but basic human rights.

    In a recent case, he took a dig at an article in the journal Nature that suggested male scientists should voluntarily postpone their promotions to make way for their “underprivileged” colleagues.

    “Who’s to say, given that elimination of discrimination is hypothetically the goal, that one is more important than another? I say this in all seriousness: Isn’t that just another form of discrimination?” the psychology professor asked. The author of a bestseller, “12 Rules for Life” that dwells on human hierarchy and gender inequality, recently launched an online platform, Thinkspot, to celebrate “censorship-free discourse” and announced an audition for people to receive a university fellowship that would allow studying “an applied version” of his principles and life philosophy that he has been eagerly sharing on a variety of platforms.


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